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Pre-order Lindsay’s New Album on Kickstarter!

Hey everyone!!!

I’m SO excited to announce that I’m making a brand NEW album!!!

Making music and albums has been a learning and growth process for me. I feel like I have finally come to a point where I have found my voice and my place as an artist and I’m ready to embrace my new found discovery by recording an album that FULLY represents me and lets you guys know who I really am at heart.

To help get this record off the ground, I’m launching a Pledge Campaign where myself and you guys make a record together by way of donation. Big or small donations you guys get to be a HUGE piece of the creation process as a way for me to THANK YOU for helping me record and bring my music to life. When you donate towards the project, I came up with a ton of different incentives you will receive based on our donation level. You can check out the long list but to name a few there’s opportunity to write a song together, record duets, go on private wine tours and tastings, private concerts for you and friends, be my tour manager for the day, have your name in the CD notes and the list of exclusive goodies goes on… not to mention a free digital download of the finished record is included with all exclusive offers.

5% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund. Click here to Pledge now, and be a part of my new record.


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